Thursday, June 12, 2008

WV Exhibition Coal Mine Reopens

I'd really like to go here this summer.

"From riding through an actual coal mine in a "man car" to wandering around a company store to seeing a miner's shanty house, you can catch a glimpse of life in a Southern West Virginia mining town at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Complex.

After a recent $3.5 million expansion, the largest and most popular coal heritage destination in the region now has even more to offer. A new 14,000-square-foot replica company store houses a museum, visitor center and gift shop. With state-of-the-art displays and multiple kiosks offering information about each area, the complex is enjoyably interactive. The renovation also brings new parking and pedestrian areas, better visitor access from the interstate and outdoor exhibits highlighting coal mining's role in the region's development."

More here: Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Reopens After Renovations

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  1. I'd lvoe to go there.We've been planning it for ages but haven't had the time to get down there.