Saturday, June 14, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I mentioned that I planted an upside down tomato plant so wanted to show you its progress. I just bought a 14" hanging basket from K-Mart, cut a hole in the grass-like lining and stuck a tomato plant down through it. I used a plant that bears medium sized fruit. Next year I'll try a cherry or grape tomato I think. I added dirt (Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix) then planted basil on top. A lot of people plant flowers on top. I didn't think to take a picture of it when I planted it, but here's one from May 22. I planted it sometime at the beginning of May.

And here it is yesterday, June 13:

It's growing really well but hasn't had a whole lot of blooms and doesn't have any fruit on it yet. The tomatoes in the ground and in pots right side up all have more blooms and fruit on them already.

The basil is doing okay but not great. Half of it died already. I don't think I was watering it enough in the beginning. You really have to water the stuff in pots a lot.

My tiny vegetable garden. I probably have too many plants in this small space. From left to right better boy tomato, 2 cucumber, 2 green pepper, 2 more cucumber, and beefsteak tomato. The beefsteak was an accidental purchase, I really meant to get a grape tomato plant and it was in a flat with them and I didn't notice that's what it was until I got home. I have two pots back here not pictured, one with cherry tomato and one with a cucumber plant.

The first tomato, a better boy fruit.

Second bloom on my new rose bush (Brigadoon). I was hoping the flowers would more like my yellow hybrid tea in shape and size but so far they don't.

We recently cut down the large burning bush by the front door, so I sat some pots there until we decide what to put there. From left to right, cilantro and rosemary (same pot), green pepper, grape tomato and greek oregano. None of the green pepper plants look all that good and none have blooms on them. Something has been munching on the leaves.

I like how this little bed turned out. I've never liked how I had it, but this year I divided an everblooming day lilly and put it there and put purple pansies in between. Then added little garden tea light holders my sister gave me a few years ago I'd never used (they aren't practical but do look cute). Husband was cutting grass when I took this so that's why they are grass clippings everywhere.

I also have pansies in the concrete baskets and a few small pots.

The whole front porch. The hanging basket has red petunias in it and it is the poorest excuse for a hanging basket I have ever seen! I don't know what K-Mart did to these poor flowers. I got them for the humming bird but haven't actually seen him eating there. In planters I have white alyssum and blue forget me nots that are just starting to bloom, all from seed. I have a yellow calla lilly growing but no blooms on it yet.

Grape tomatoes - they are so cute and tiny


  1. lovely little tomatoes! I like your cozy porch. You know me, a back yard kind a girl :)

  2. here is my back yard :)