Thursday, June 26, 2008

OCM and Acne

Since I've been doing the OCM, [oil cleaning method] I have had a couple of episodes of large bumps coming up on my face.  They went away on their own after a few days.

This week it happened again and one of them is on my eyelid.  Yesterday I tried to cover it with makeup but I think that made it worse because now my whole eyelid is red.  After looking around online I realize this is a type of cystic acne.

"Cysts are a form of acne that occur when the oil gland over-produces, then becomes clogged, then infected by bacteria."

That's got to be it.  I'm going to stop doing the OCM.  I may use the oil occasionally but I think I'm doing it too much or not getting it all off or something.  Now the infection has spread on my eye, I believe.  I'm using antibiotic ointment and I think that will take care of it eventually. I was going to call my eye doctor, I was starting to think I had pink eye this morning, but I'm certain this is what it is.

Since I've talked about OCM here, I wanted to be sure and mention it. Some people have great success with it but my experiment with it is over.

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  1. THanks so much for the update! Cystic acne is what scared me the most about this treatment as I've been known to get it on occasion.

  2. Rebecca9:43 AM

    Try Witch Hazel for pore cleansing at least twice a day. Very gentle and been around for decades.

    Good Luck!

  3. Valerie10:37 AM

    Hi Jamie. I have just recently happened upon your blogs so I don't know what you're looking for in the way of skincare, but I wanted to mention that I have been removing my eye makeup with baby oil and a cottonball and then thoroughly wiping that off with a wet washcloth, washing my face (with whatever you prefer - Dove, Oil of Olay bar, or really anything) AND THEN, I pat my face dry and apply an entire capsule of Vitamin A on my face (keep off of eyes and out of eye area). Concentrate on cheeks, forehead, and anywhere you see lines or acne. This has worked great for keeping my face clear of acne, has healed any past problems on my face, and another wonderful thing - - people think I look 10+ years younger than I really am! It feels and looks greasy, but don't worry. Skin absorbs it fast, and you can lay your head down on your pillow to go to sleep within five minutes of applying it. Try it. Your face will look great in the morning and will clear up and look younger, too.