Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art Emporium / Showcase West Virginia

Every Tuesday night is Girls Night Out with my three closest friends. Last night we were hanging out at Starbucks at the mall (sorry, that is as wild as it gets) and the owner of the Art Emporium came by (he knows one of my friends). He apparently has taken over Showcase West Virginia (the one by Blossom on Quarrier Street in Charleston) and I believe is selling some of the same things on consignment. I don't know if it's going to be just part of Art Emporium or will have another name. I don't really have any details. But I wanted to note it. It's hard to keep a business going downtown anymore. I have only been in the Art Emporium once but I love to look at the art displayed in the windows. I'm going to make a point to stop by both places for some Christmas shopping.


  1. I love both those shops.

    I am trying to buy from locally-owned businesses pretty exclusively for Christmas this year. I love internet shopping, but I think it's probably killing the downtown shops... except those who offer internet shopping, themselves!

  2. I was in Art Emporium yesterday and they have expanded as well. The new space, while still in transition, is just wonderful and thier future plans are exciting.

    Peter and his staff do a great job so stop by and see them.