Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dave got his first 9 point buck!

Unfortunately, it was with my CRV. :(

We were driving home from work through Pinch on a 2-lane road in traffice, in the dark, and in the rain. A big buck came from out of "nowhere". It was a pretty good hit, and tore the front of the car up and may have even knocked the engine off its mounts. The airbags deployed, the engine jammed at full throttle. Dave is an excellent driver and kept it under control and got it back in our lane once he could see. As soon as we stopped the transmission locked and the horn was stuck on.

We are both fine except I have a sore thumb (I think I had it hooked in the seatbelt). We are both very grateful that we weren't hurt and that we didn't get rear-ended or run into someone else. The deer wasn't so lucky, but a man who stopped to help took it so at least the meat will be used. I wonder if he will mount that rack. We are also grateful we were in the CRV and not the little Sentra we normally drive to and from work.

Dave's coworker Gunner was so nice, he drove all the way out there to pick us up and take us home after the car was towed. Now it's just a matter of seeing what will happen with my poor car. It's a year from being paid off and I was planning to drive it another 5 years after that. I'm not sure that will happen now.

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