Friday, November 02, 2007

Secrets of Success

Jeanie Marshall’s Secrets to Success
(They are Not Secrets Anymore)

  1. Be in integrity. When you get out of integrity (and it’s inevitable you will sometimes), regain your balance and integrity as soon as possible.

  2. Meditate every day, as well as establishing regular practices of exercise, rest, good nutrition, leisure, laughter, and play.

  3. Build a network of people you trust and respect, some of whom have different perspectives from yours.

  4. Be exceptionally good at one or two skills you enjoy and learn other skills as they interest and benefit you.

  5. Find and share your uniqueness. Create, claim, embrace, and/or excel at something that is so uniquely yours that you feel your own creative force from within you. You expand the world by being unique, not by being the same as everyone else.

  6. Create a vision for your future in your mind’s eye and let it guide your journey. Taking side roads is enriching, but remember daily to keep the main thing the main thing.

  7. Know, without a doubt, that you are creating your own life. Dismiss blaming and guilt as quickly as possible and embrace self responsibility. Live excuse-free.

  8. Start every day with an empowering question, such as “What gift does this day offer to me?” Or, “What is most worthy of my attention today?” Or, “What is the most empowering thing I can do and say today?”

  9. Write. Write to organize your thoughts; write to draw more ideas to you; write to express the thoughts inside you; write to empower yourself and others.

  10. Follow the rules when following them creates order and enhances your relationships with others and yourself; break the rules when you know that serves, such as writing 10 success tips when the assignment is to write 8.

  11. Know when enough is enough. Not too much, not too little, enough.

  12. Strive for excellence, not perfection.

  13. Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake.

  14. Find others you can encourage, teach, and inspire along the way, keeping in mind that they need to find their own uniqueness rather than recreate you.


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