Monday, November 12, 2007

Meditation stuff

I put this list together for a friend and thought as long as I made it, might as well share it. These are my favorite CD's and podcasts for meditating. Some I got at the library, some I purchased on iTunes or actually bought the CD's on eBay.


  • Denise Linn's Complete Relaxation - (LOVE this one)

  • Denise Linn's Journeys Into Past Lives

  • Denise Linn's Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction (which is more about developing a healthy self image)

  • John Holland's Developing Your Psychic Awareness

  • Iyanla Vanzandt's Living from your Center

PODCASTS - on iTunes, search the Podcasts for "meditation" and "healing". These are all free:

  • Guided Meditations Video Podcast from the Meditation Society of Australia

  • Meditation Oasis

  • The Meditation Pocast (I subscribe to this but I'm not sure I've done any of them actually)

  • Natural Echo healing music podcast

  • Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem - Self Healing with Sound and Music (I have probably listened to this more than anything - absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT - got it from the audiobooks section of the library)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Theta Meditation System - this is brainwave music, supposedly makes your brainwaves go to theta level. There are others for sleep (delta) and an alpha one for something else

  • Shamanic Dream by Anugama (got this on iTunes and really love it)

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  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Thanks for your vote!
    Started exploring your blog this morning. Quite excellent. I also subscribe to a lot of podcasts regarding meditation, yoga, etc. I have found some really good stuff for free.