Wednesday, November 21, 2007

City Council is the one to blame

I don't know why I have been blaming Danny Jones for the user fee increase. The City Council is who voted almost unamimously to pass it! Only 2 people voted against it!

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  1. yep, and that's the problem. Living where you live and working in Charleston, you don't have any recourse with City Council. It's a no-brainer for City Council to vote for that one: it'll make their constituents happy and those that are unhappy can't vote their anyway.

    I live in one town and work in another and am subjected to the municipal taxes in another. Philosophically I can kind of understand as my car beats up on the road every day and I would (theoretically) benefit from the salt they put on the roads (except that these dummies haven't figured out that salt melts snow and ice). But it still rankles when I have to pay it.