Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The most amazing part of this story to me is that Ohio does not require a permit for exotic animals

"African Lion on the Loose in Ohio
Reporter: WSAZ NewsChannel 3

Folks driving in the area of US 23 in Pike County Ohio must have thought they were in another country.

That’s because an African lion was chasing their vehicles. It happened Monday morning near Wakefield.

Police started getting all kinds of calls about a lion on the loose. Deputies were able to find the lion and its owner who was trying to catch the animal.

Lambert is the lion’s name. He weighs 550 pounds and is Terry Brumfield and his wife’s pet. They actually have two lions—Lambert and Laci. Terry says he keeps the lions to help him with depression. He said the lions are just like big house cats, but he does not recommend them as pets.

Somehow Lambert managed to escape his cage and went for a walk on the interstate.

“He just runs after them, like a dog chasing a car. He'd run about ten of 15 foot and come back," owner Terry Brumfield said.

Terry was able to coax Lambert to get back into his cage.

Ohio does not currently require a permit for exotic animals. The lion was contained and unharmed, but the whole ordeal is still under investigation."

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