Monday, November 05, 2007


This weekend we went to Dave's hometown of Morgantown to visit with his family. While there we also dropped by the Mountain Lair, the WVU student union, where Mountaineer Week activities were going on. I had never heard of Mountaineer Week before this week. They had a great craft fair at the Mountain Lair, along with food boths and other exhibits.

Just the other day I was looking up ancient German customs wondering about Halloween and at the craft fair I found a great book I didn't buy but should have, Signs, Cures, and Witchery: German Appalachian Folklore. I'm going to check it out at the library. My husband's family is of German ancestry and I have been interested lately in German history. The author was at the fair and I'm hoping he'll be at the Arts & Crafts Fair in Charleston so I can get an autographed copy.

My other favorite thing was the animal rehabilitation exhibit, which had a screech owl and a red tailed hawk on display.

Sunday we went to the Spruce Street United Methodist Church, which my sister-in-law attends, and enjoyed their service, including theri All Saints' Day recognition, very much. [Interesting that I just recently posted about not hearing much about All Saints' Day - it was the very next day that Sis-in-Law invited us to the service!]

It was the first church service I have been to in a long while and I was glad to go. Although my beliefs have changed quite a bit since I was a UM church member, I can still experience God in that familiar setting very easily. I really have come to appreciate all the different ways there are to experience God / Spirit / Creator -whatever you wish to call him/her. I would like to go to some services of other traditions to have those experiences as well. One of these days.

We also, of course, had to have some food from Wings Ole while we were there. We wanted to go to Chick-n-Bones as well but didn't make it.

Some camera phone pics from the WVU campus, and one (bottom) from Cheat Lake:

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